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5 Apps to Help You Stop Distracted Driving

Distracted driving has become one of the leading causes of car accidents in Texas and the rest of the United States. This is mainly due to our constant use and dependency of our cellphones—even when we are behind the wheel.

However, cellphones can make us take our hands away from the steering while, our eyes away from the road and driving conditions, and our attention away from operating the vehicle. Unfortunately, many people continue to text while driving, despite understanding the dangers and statistics of distracted driving.

But what if you can turn your cellphone into a tool to fight distracted driving, rather than cause it? Luckily, several software developers have made apps to do just that.

Here are some popular apps to help you avoid texting while driving:

  1. LifeSaver – This app restricts the ability to use your cellphone while the vehicle is in motion and notifies your family or friends as soon as you arrive at your destination. Additionally, LifeSaver has a GPS monitoring system that both parents and commercial fleet managers can use to deter bad habits.
  2. SafeDrive – In addition to blocking the ability to text while driving, this app also rewards you for not using your phone during each trip. Once you drive over six miles per hour, you will automatically receive points that could be used toward discounts at participating retailers. However, any time you use your phone results in losing all your points made while driving.
  3. AT&T DriveMode – This app silences any incoming phone calls and text alerts to help you avoid constantly looking at your phone while driving. Furthermore, DriveMode has a hands-free feature that allows users to reply to messages, find directions to a new location, or control the music without unlocking your cellphone.
  4. TrueMotion Family – This app separates itself from others by calculating a “trip score” each time users drive. TrueMotion Family rates your overall drives and highlights moments where you appear to be distracted driving.
  5. Dangers of Distracted Driving – This is more of an educational app, which explores the consequences of texting while driving by providing several scenarios that showcase the dangers of such behavior.

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