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How Often Do Truck Brakes Fail

Six people were sent to the hospital after a dump truck careened through an intersection in California, according to ABC News. Early reports indicate that the truck may have lost its brakes as it roared through the intersection. How common do truck brakes fail? Why do they fail? And what can you do if you have been injured due to a truck brake failure in Dallas, Texas? The Law Office of Robert Gregg are truck accident lawyers in Dallas, Texas who help victims of crashes recover money to pay for their medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering, and who understand firsthand the real impact of truck brake failure.

The truth is that truck brake failure doesn’t just happen out of nowhere. A writer for Trucking Info, who has driven air brake trucks for 20 years, reported that truck brakes can malfunction, overheat, or stop working properly, but outright failure doesn’t really happen. In many cases, truck brake malfunctions occur because the brakes weren’t properly maintained. Truck brakes need to be regularly checked to keep them in optimal working order. Even a properly working brake can become overheated after prolonged use. A qualified and skilled truck driver will understand the limits of an overheated brake and will adjust his or her driving appropriately to give herself or himself space to stop. In other words, what we often call “truck brake failure” is really a driver’s failure to understand the limitations of his or her equipment and the space needed to adequately stop.

Improperly adjusted brakes can also be more likely to fail or not work as expected. When truck drivers or companies cut corners, accidents and injuries can occur. Trucking Info reports that when automatic brakes are adjusted too many times, the clutch can get worn. This can lead to trouble if a driver is moving downhill trying to brake. Unfortunately, truck companies and drivers may sometimes cut corners to preserve their bottom lines, with tragic consequences.

In general, truck brakes fail when a truck company or driver fails to properly maintain the brakes or when a driver fails to understand the limitations of his or her brakes in certain conditions. When going downhill or when in a situation where a brake will be used extensively, the braking power of a truck may be limited. Drivers need to adjust their speeds and their distance between other cars in this case.

It isn’t clear what caused the truck brake failure in California. What is clear is that people were injured. When truck brakes fail, drivers, truck companies, and other stakeholders may be responsible for paying for victims’ medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering damages. Sometimes brake failure isn’t clear. This is why it is important to hire a qualified semi truck accident lawyer to protect your rights and help you seek the damages you may deserve under the law. Visit the Law Office of Robert Gregg in Dallas, Texas today to learn more.