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Avoiding A Wreck When Driving Solo

Many tips about safe driving for long trips assume that you’ll be traveling with a passenger. For example, drivers are encouraged to ask their passengers to help them navigate. But, what happens if you are driving to a new, unfamiliar place alone? As the holiday season approaches, students may be traveling home alone and individuals might be traveling long distances to see friends and family. How can you make your solo travels safer?

According to the Globe and Mail, it’s best to give your car a tune up before a long drive. Fill up your gas tank before you go, and plan your refueling stops ahead of time. This way you can break your navigation duties into smaller tasks. Another simple thing you can do to stay safe is to stop frequently. When driving alone, you’ll need to make sure you remain alert and frequent stops give you an opportunity to check your map and get coffee or tea.

It can also be useful to purchase roadside assistance, so that if there is an emergency, you can call for help.

Before you leave home, plan your route ahead of time. Program your maps before you leave home and bring paper maps as a back-up to help you should your cell phone or GPS die along the way. Bring an extra battery and phone charger so that you can keep your phone fully charged throughout your drive. In the event of an emergency, you’ll want a full battery.

Good Housekeeping also recommends that you try your best to find a friend for the trip. Students might be able to ask around dorms for others heading to the same city or town. Others can ask around at work to see if other singles might want to carpool for the holidays. Traveling with others is not only ultimately safer, it is also less expensive and more fun. You might just make a new friend along the way, while also reducing your carbon footprint.

Never engage in distracted driving. Don’t text and drive and set your phone to go hands free if you must talk on the phone. However, the safest option is not talking at all, and planning your calls for your rest stops. Finally, solo travelers should always tell someone where they are going, that way, if anything goes wrong and you don’t arrive on time, family or friends can get help. Never leave home without telling someone where you’re heading, especially if you plan to travel during the winter months where dangerous storms can leave drivers stranded.

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