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Will My Child's Record Be Permanent? 3 FAQs about Juvenile Crimes in Texas

Parenting can be challenging enough without worrying about juvenile crimes. If your child is facing juvenile charges, then you probably have several questions about the short- and long-term consequences.

If your child was arrested in Texas, then Dallas juvenile crimes attorney Robert Gregg can help. Mr. Gregg has successfully handled a range of juvenile cases, and he has the resources and experience to construct your child’s defense.

To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling the Law Offices of Robert Gregg at (214) 891-7536. In the meantime, here are three FAQs about juvenile crimes in Texas:

  1. What Are the Potential Penalties for a Juvenile Crime?

Recent statistics indicate a rise in juvenile crimes. The rates vary from city to city, but it is important for parents to know what to do if their child faces charges.

Juveniles can commit just about every crime that adults can, and the penalties will depend on the specific charges, whether this is a first-time offense, the nature of the crime and other factors.

These are often high-stakes cases. In some circumstances, minors can be tried as adults. A conviction may come with steep fines and potential jail time, as well as the loss of other freedoms.

This is why it is so important to contact an attorney who has experience handling similar cases. There may be a defense that could convince the courts to reduce the charges or penalties, or to drop the charges altogether.

  1. Will My Child’s Record Be Permanent?

If the charges are serious, then a conviction may end up on your child’s permanent record. This can affect employment opportunities and even the ability to receive federal grants for college tuition.

While it is true that many first-time offenses can be expunged from a record, the same is not necessarily true for repeat crimes. In some cases, subsequent charges can result in a felony on the child’s record.

  1. Will My Child Be Charged as an Adult?

 One of the greatest worries for teens and parents is whether or not a crime is severe enough to warrant a child being charged as an adult. According to Texas law, if a crime is severe enough, it may very well result in adult criminal charges.

If this is the case, then a conviction will come with penalties that may be the same as those an adult would face for the same offense. These include expensive fines and jail time.

If your child is facing juvenile charges, then you should contact an attorney as soon as possible. An experienced juvenile crimes lawyer can evaluate your case to identify an appropriate defense. If too much time passes before your consultation, then it may be difficult to gather certain evidence that could help fight the charges.

At the Law Offices of Robert Gregg, we aggressively defend the rights of our clients as if our personal freedoms are at stake. To schedule a consultation, call us today at (214) 891-7536.