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4 Types Of Drug Charges In Texas

In Texas, the law covers a variety of drug crimes. Regardless of the type of charge, if you have a drug conviction to your name, you could face severe consequences.

Since Texas borders Mexico, it is a prime route for Mexican cartels to traffic drugs into the United States. According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, drug violations are rife across the state.

If you are facing charges for a drug crime, you could benefit from speaking to a criminal lawyer in Dallas. Depending on the drug charge and the amount of the substance involved, you could be facing a lengthy prison sentence.

The Law Offices of Robert Gregg can assess your case to develop a strategic defense plan. Call (214) 891-7536 to speak with a qualified attorney today, and read on for four common drug crimes:

  1. Paraphernalia

Drug paraphernalia describes any piece of equipment used in the preparation, injection, inhalation or concealment of illegal substances. It also includes any item used to manufacture drugs.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency states that it is illegal to import, export or sell any drug paraphernalia, and you may face arrest if you possess such equipment. Here are a few examples of drug paraphernalia:

– Various types of pipes

– Syringes

– Bongs

– Rolling papers.

Manufacturers frequently produce drug paraphernalia so that it looks legal. For example, most bongs contain labels that claim their use is for tobacco only; however, this may not exempt you from charges if you purchased the bong from an illegal dealer, or if it clearly looks and smells like you use it for drugs.

  1. Possession

In Texas, possession of drugs is a serious offense. Penalties vary depending on the type of drug found and the amount in your possession.

It is against the law to have any illicit controlled substances on your person or property. If caught, you may face charges ranging from simple possession to intent to distribute.

  1. Delivery or Manufacture

If you involve yourself in any part of the drug production process, you may face charges for drug manufacturing. Even delivering the drugs is a serious offense in Texas.

In order to win a case, prosecutors must prove that you intended to possess and manufacture controlled substances. If convicted, penalties include harsh prison sentences and exorbitant fines.

  1. Trafficking

Drug trafficking is common in Texas. It is illegal to transport drugs in any manner, and you may not sell or import illegal substances. Drug trafficking and distribution is a felony in Texas, which means you could spend between three years and life in prison, if convicted.

It is also illegal to possess or sell prescription medication. Since drug crimes are a major focus of law enforcement, you could benefit from hiring an experienced criminal attorney to represent you. Penalties for drug crimes can be severe, so call the Law Offices of Robert Gregg today at (214) 891-7536 to discuss your defense strategy in detail.