gunWeapons offenses in Texas can include illegally possessing or carrying a weapon, improperly discharging a gun, or using one in the commission of a crime. The state does not take these offenses lightly, and you could easily end up facing serious felony charges if you are accused of violating certain Texas weapon laws.

And, you can be charged not just for having or using an illegal weapon yourself, but also if you sell or give one to another person, or allow a child to get access to an unsecured firearm. Even if you have a legal right to possess or carry a weapon, you may be charged if you aren’t careful who you allow to use it.

Weapons possession or carry charges frequently arise out of encounters with the police, such as traffic stops or stop-and-frisks on the street. The police also may charge you if they receive a tip from an informant that you have a weapon, or if they find one while arresting you on an unrelated charge.

While some weapons offenses are misdemeanors, a conviction can still have serious effects on your life because future employers and others who view your criminal record may consider it similar to a crime of violence.

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