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If you receive a traffic ticket in Texas, come to an experienced defense attorney—Robert S. Gregg has kept 99% of all traffic tickets off of his clients’ records.

Attorney Robert S. Gregg has been serving clients in felony, misdemeanor, and traffic ticket defense since 1990. He knows traffic ticket defense, whether you receive a citation in Dallas or Fort Worth, Texas.Contact him today to learn how he can help you keep your record clean.

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At the Law Offices of Robert S. Gregg, we do a great deal of trial work. While many attorneys will simply plead their cases to avoid court, Mr. Gregg is a highly skilled trial lawyer. He enjoys defense work, and is on the trial docket in court every morning advocating on behalf of clients in:

  • Traffic-ticket defense
  • CDL and trucking violations
  • Speeding tickets
  • Misdemeanor-ticket defense
  • DWI and DWLS defense
  • Criminal defense

We will listen to your side, then provide you with a clear explanation of your rights and what to expect in court. If you have had a traffic warrant issued for your arrest for failure to appear in court, we can help you with that as well.

Our practice handles a higher volume of traffic-ticket cases than any other firm in Dallas and Fort Worth, and has a strong track record of success on behalf of our clients. Nearly ninety-nine percent of traffic cases we handle in Dallas are dismissed or kept off our clients’ records entirely.*

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In addition to Mr. Gregg, our firm has another full-time attorney and ten full-time paralegals on staff. When you call our office you will speak to a live person, and our entire team is extremely knowledgeable in serving your individual needs. We will take your information and answer your questions. We take pride in our commitment to provide responsive service to our clients, returning all email inquiries within twenty-four hours.

Protect your rights. Contact an experienced and assertive misdemeanor traffic-ticket defense attorney at the Law Offices of Robert S. Gregg today. We provide free consultations, and all of our paralegals speak Spanish. Call us Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 5:00 or email us today.

* Each case is different and we will attempt to get the best results based on the factual and legal circumstances of your case.

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