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Whether you have received a speeding ticket, been arrested on a DWI charge, or are at risk of losing your commercial driver’s license and your job, at the Dallas Law Offices of Robert S. Gregg, we can help.

We take pride in providing each client with the responsive service and level of advocacy they need to ensure their rights are protected. We have the statistics to prove our effectiveness: we have kept 99% of all traffic tickets off of our clients’ records.

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If you are facing a criminal charge or need to protect your record and your pocketbook from a traffic ticket, contact us today. Mr. Gregg is a reputable, highly successful trial lawyer, serving the cities of both Dallas and Fort Worth. You can trust that he will exhaust every avenue possible to achieve the best outcome in your case.

  • Traffic-ticket defense: We have a strong track record of getting our clients’ traffic tickets dismissed or off their records entirely.*
  • CDL and trucking violations: Hire a confident, skilled defense lawyer to help save your commercial driver’s license and your job.
  • Traffic warrants: If you have had a warrant issued or been arrested for failure to appear in court for a traffic violation, we can help.
  • What to expect in court: We will provide you with a clear explanation of what is expected of you, your rights, and what you can expect in court.
  • Speeding tickets: We are able to get our clients’ speeding tickets dismissed or keep a ticket off their record for less than they would have paid if it had gone on their record.*
  • Misdemeanor ticket defense: We defend clients accused of public intoxication, assault, open container violations, minor in possession, minor DUI violations, park curfews, theft, and other misdemeanor violations.
  • DWI and driving while license suspended defense: We provide assertive, knowledgeable defense to clients charged with drunk driving or driving with a suspended driver’s license.
  • Criminal defense: Our firm defends felony and misdemeanor charges, such as DWI, drug crimes, theft or robbery, sex offenses, probation violations, public lewdness, and hot checks, as well as expunctions or orders of non-disclosure.
  • Assault
  • Drug possession
  • Motions to revoke probation
  • Expungements

Traffic citation cases in the city of Dallas are handled differently from the surrounding cities. Make sure you have a defense lawyer who is familiar with the legal system and the rules of the court as it applies to your community. While individuals charged with misdemeanor traffic violations must appear in court in the city of Dallas, you do not need to appear in court if your alleged offense occurred outside the city. In these cases, we will appear and advocate on your behalf.

For a free initial consultation and case evaluation from a skilled trial lawyer, contact our Dallas and Fort Worth law office today.

* Each case is different and we will attempt to get the best results based on the factual and legal circumstances of your case.

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