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Criminal Defense Lawyer in Dallas, Texas

 If you’ve been charged with a Crime in Dallas, Texas, you may be frightened or intimidated. The legal process can often be complex and require you to speak to prosecutors, judges, and officers. Anything you say and do during this process can and will be used against you if your case goes before a judge. If you’ve been charged with a Crime in Dallas, Texas, it is important to find a local Criminal lawyer. The Law Offices of Robert Gregg will support you every step of the way and assist you if you’re facing questioning. We’ll represent you in court and fight diligently to get your crime dropped. We’ll only take a plea bargain when every other option has failed. Under Texas criminal laws, you are innocent until proven guilty. We’ll work closely with you to protect you from the serious consequences of being convicted of a crime.

The penalties for crimes in Dallas, Texas are serious. Even a first-time criminal violation can result in jail time, fines, and penalties up to $2,000 (not including increased insurance rates and other fees), and a license suspension up to one year. If you are stopped under the suspicion of driving while under the influence, the state has immense power in gathering evidence against you. For instance, if you refuse to take a chemical test in Texas, laws allow for the immediate suspension of your license under Texas’s implied consent law.

In addition to potential jail time and fees, a criminal record has other consequences as well. Drivers are forever marked with a conviction which can interfere with certain freedoms and rights. You may have to pay higher premiums for insurance.  You may not be able to travel abroad because of your criminal conviction. If you drive professionally for a living, your very livelihood may be threatened. Because the consequences are so high, if you’re facing a criminal charge in Dallas, Texas, you need to find a criminal attorney to fight for your rights. The Law Offices of Robert Gregg is a local criminal lawyer who fights to either have charges dropped or reduced. While a criminal charge can seem overwhelming and insurmountable, there are many valid criminal defenses. Being arrested for a crime is not the equivalent of conviction.

The Law Offices of Robert Gregg will honestly evaluate your case and explain your options. Mr. Gregg is a reputable criminal trial lawyer and criminal defense attorney, with an extremely strong track record of assertively and effectively advocating on behalf of clients charged with crime or crimes, CDL and trucking violations, criminal warrants, aggravated crimes, misdemeanors, assaults ,DUIs, and other criminal law violations. We will not plea bargain your criminal case without exhausting every other possible avenue. We will appear in court on your behalf and advocate for the best possible outcome.

If you are facing a criminal charge, you are also facing severe consequences, such as jail time and serious fines. You need a criminal defense attorney or DWI lawyer who knows how to work out a plea bargain to keep you out of jail or a not-guilty verdict if you are innocent. We will do our best for you based on the facts and legal circumstances of your criminal case.

Trust our experience and our commitment to responsive service and advocacy. Contact our Dallas DWI law office today to learn how we can help protect your rights throughout every stage of the legal process.

Find a Criminal Lawyer in Dallas, Texas

 While officers have immense power and ability to gather evidence against you, they also must abide by the law if they choose to arrest you for a crime. For instance, officers must read you your rights and show that they had reasonable suspicion before they stopped you in the first place. The way that the government gathers evidence must be within the limits of the criminal law code. Even though Texas has implied consent laws and there are consequences for refusing to take a test, officers must generally still get permission in order to perform a drug and alcohol test.

There are many valid criminal defenses that your local criminal attorney can use. For instance, if you were intoxicated without your knowledge, a DWI lawyer may be able to assist you. For instance, if you were on prescription medication, but didn’t receive warnings about possible drug interactions or risk of operating a vehicle, your defense lawyer may be able to protect you from a criminal charge. If you were stopped without reasonable suspicion, your case may be thrown out. Officers are required to show that they had the right to stop you in the first place. If the evidence against you is based on field sobriety tests, the results of these tests can be challenged in court. These tests are known to give many false positives and are often improperly administered. In many studies, officers frequently found perfectly sober test subjects “drunk” when administering these tests. For instance, if you have a medical condition that affects your balance, these tests results can be brought into further doubt. Yet, even if you don’t have a medical condition, the mere motion of driving can affect the results of some of these tests. Your local criminal defense lawyer can review the way the tests were handled, and administered, and determine whether you have a valid dispute with the results.

Breath test results can also be challenged in court. Administration of the test can be reviewed. Additionally, your DWI lawyer can determine whether the officer was properly trained to administer the test. Many factors can affect the validity of these tests. A criminal lawyer can assess the results and determine if you can use this defense.

Turn to us for effective representation—otherwise you face real consequences including increased insurance premiums and sizeable fines. Multiple violations could result in the loss of your driver’s license. If you are a commercial driver, the loss of your CDL could also mean the loss of your job. If you’re facing charges, a local criminal attorney in Dallas, Texas can review your case and help you build a strong criminal defense. In some instances, charges can be dropped, and in some cases charges may be reduced. The Law Offices of Robert Gregg work diligently to get you the best possible outcome given the evidence against you and the circumstances of your arrest. We’ll leave no stone unturned in ensuring that your legal rights are protected.

When You Need an Advocate, You Need Robert Gregg

 At the Dallas Law Offices of Robert S. Gregg, we provide skilled, aggressive criminal defense to clients facing state felony and misdemeanor charges. If you have been accused of or indicted on a criminal charge, you need a criminal lawyer or criminal attorney immediately. We will protect your rights and work diligently to keep you out of jail.

We act quickly and responsively to help our clients resolve their legal problems. When you call our office, you will be able to talk with a live person who can take your  information and answer your questions. We return email inquiries within twenty-four hours. Every year, thousands of people face increased insurance premiums because they did not defend themselves in criminal court. Ask for help from the professionals at the Law Offices of Robert S. Gregg. Contact us today to speak with a knowledgeable, experienced professional about your individual legal needs.

When you’re facing serious charges, you need to find a criminal attorney who will keep you informed about your legal options while advocating for your best interests. Robert Gregg is a local criminal attorney who is familiar with legal processes related to drunk driving charges. The firm will stand by your side and inform you about all your legal options. If you’re considering taking a plea deal, we’ll review the deal to ensure that your rights are protecting during the negotiation process. A criminal charge is a very serious matter that puts your freedom, your reputation, and your life on the line. The Law Office of Robert Gregg understands that being accused of a DWI is a stressful time and we’ll work with you closely. Contact us today to learn more about how to defend your rights during a free, initial consultation.

You have options. Protect your rights and your record by hiring a skilled, experienced criminal defense lawyer. At the Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, Law Offices of Robert S. Gregg, we spend every morning in court, successfully defending these charges. Contact us today for a free initial consultation to learn how we can defend your criminal charge.